Compliance, Safety & Security, QHSE HealthCare, Building, Education,

NCGL’s Compliance Management Services Tax professionals understand the client’s challenges and opportunities facing today’s tax statutory accounting functions. NCGL aims to support clients in the Government and Industrial sectors with global security and compliance issues.

Inspection Services

With an increasing demand for highly trained, skilled, and adept inspectors in all phases of construction and maintenance activities, NCGL provides such inspectors through our wide range of services, including certification, qualification, inspection, and an integrated assortment of testing solutions.

Technical Skill

The global pandemic has propelled companies into a new digital era, where employees are remotely operating and coordinating with the company. NCGL is preparing to drive unique programs to transform its demographic prospects into a profit, which will effectively contribute to initiatives and encourage people to progress through recognized training routes and support lifelong learning to incentivize the country’s growth.

Procurement Assistance / Expediting:

NCGL aims to adopt a multidisciplinary process that provides a full scope of services in procurement assistance by obtaining the right personnel depending on the organization. Our focus is to adopt industry-best recruiting services, cutting-edge IT tools, and technologies for efficiency in procurement assistance and expediting supply in manpower.


– Digital Marketing
– Digital Sales & Solutions
– IT System Integration
– Innovation
– Customer Experience

We live in a constantly changing world, where customers’ requirements and expectations are expeditiously evolving. With the current trend, Digital marketing organizations must align themselves with the transformation in technology and respond swiftly to them. At NCGL, Something Big is Coming Your Way as we provide you consultancy for the below digital services: