Our team at NCGL focuses on managing projects that deliver social-economic value as it is of critical national importance in transport, construction, health care, building, education, defense, and energy; in the shaping of many of the world’s major cities. We help shape early thinking to deliver transformational change. Projects must be completed with ever-increasing efficiency, in both time and budgeting, with enhanced sustainability and a zero-tolerance for unsafe and unhealthy practices.

 We adopt a proactive, flexible approach to cost management, embracing the changes that may arise throughout the design and construction phases of the project. We focus on testing design solutions and constructively challenge designers and engineers to ensure our clients get the best results. Our practice as a multidisciplinary engineering and consulting company enables us to extract the best practices across different sectors to meet the expectations and desired outcomes of the client.

NCGL is committed to the legacies of the projects we manage; and offers ongoing engagement through the program lifecycle, from day one to delivery and beyond.