Metros, Tunnels &
Transit Systems


Not everyone can manage all your requirements and demands, as staffing for Metro requires specialized experience and extensive knowledge of the sector. It answers why one must find skilled candidates with adequate knowledge, and the right approach and talent are a pressing priority in today’s time.

At NCGL, we offer clarity in complex and regulated environments such as metro projects, with expertise in the traffic network, tunnels, underpasses, elevated viaducts, and underground stations. Also, we provide assembling and independently evaluating safety instances and assessing risks using proven systematic techniques with a pragmatic approach, backed by technical and economic services in transport and metropolitan development planning. We are placed in an environment to provide all design and development services for metros and other transport systems through the technical prowess that we have adopted as a company. We carry out a thorough analysis to identify operator guidance needs, which help sustain the core capability requirements of safety-critical activities to understand the staffing requirements. We draw on our universal knowledge in operational metro projects to deliver a reliable product with optimum value for our customers.



NCGL has extensive knowledge in planning, designing, and implementing project services of tunnels. Even though small to large tunnel projects have their separate difficulties, we aim to meet these challenges by combining knowledge of the landscape with design, visualization, and construction tools suited for the job. We follow basic but fundamental principles to deliver challenging tunneling projects promptly. We have specifically modified our tunnel engineering knowledge to the concerns faced by our clients and carry out services with laser-focused precision. This approach has enabled us to bring our client’s projects from concept to final delivery with our design expertise and practical understanding.



The railway industry is consistently undergoing challenges to upgrade and enhance performance, volume and dependability. NCGL provides pragmatic and innovative solutions across all facets of railway operations and offers engineering services to government, public and private players for rail transportation. We offer a wide range of services under one banner while focusing on our ultra-modern gadgets & amenities. Our focus is to empower our client with state-of-the-art technology, futuristic incorporated design services, institutional management, technical support for new railway projects, and upgrading existing railways systems to improve efficiency and capacity.

Our latent abilities extend from analyzing the functional requirements for new and current railway systems to supporting our clients with automation, engineering science, and new technology practices to deliver the right outcome. We help our clients execute their vision by alleviating risks and meeting expectations. We make sure our client-focused methods meet their individual and special needs.