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In an environment of increasingly binding regulatory restrictions and the rise in urbanization prompts us to rethink today’s Smart City Rationale. The design of future buildings is just as important as the systems engineering, traditional building construction and it must now be designed to fit into a larger and more harmonious vision in terms of energy consumption, workplace optimization and security.

NCGL strikes the perfect balance between science, artistry, business, and applying ingenuity for enhanced results.  We support complex building projects such as hospitals, defense infrastructures, and manufacturing sites. We use local resources (design experts, PM Officer’s) to inspect and integrate large complex projects for their entire life cycle which enables us to give best-informed advice within any phase. You can involve us at any stage throughout the life cycle of your projects process as we determine all feasible means of amplifying its performance in economic, social or environmental dimensions that’s needed for optimum outcomes.


In the world of projects, big-budget, huge assets, precision planning, and immense risks are what we term “Infrastructure” in the present time. The current focus is on spending resources in the right place, at the right time, and making sure nothing goes amiss. In this field of work, things tend to be complex, where supply chains are chaotic, constraints in regulations and requirements are arduous, not to forget handling a list of interested parties as long as your arm.