Mr. Vishwa Deo Sharma

“Having technical competence gives that cutting edge which maximizes the efficiencies across levels in all facets and results in a highly value-added output.”

Mr. Vishwa Deo Sharma is a renowned civil engineer and a titan of the construction industry. With his exceptional skills, unwavering dedication, and strategic prowess, he has dominated the field and cemented his position as one of the most knowledgeable people in the construction industry. Mr. Sharma’s awe-inspiring career is a testament to his unmatched expertise, unparalleled leadership, and unparalleled ability to deliver extraordinary results.

Mr. Sharma completed his B.E. in Civil Engineering in 1975 from SGSITS, University of Indore. He is a Chartered Engineer with Membership in Professional Association like FIE, LMIRC, MICI, and Indian Institute of Bridge Engineers. He is a distinguished member of esteemed organizations such as the Indian Council of Arbitration and an Empaneled Arbitrator of Indian Road Congres.

Throughout his illustrious career, Mr. Sharma has seamlessly fused his technical brilliance with his masterful PR skills, bridging the chasm between the construction industry and the public with unparalleled finesse. His ability to forge unbreakable bonds with stakeholders, government bodies, and international organizations has been pivotal in spearheading triumphant projects on a global scale.

His list of accomplishments is awe-inspiring, encompassing a multitude of iconic infrastructure projects that have left an indelible mark on the world. From the awe-inspiring Mumbai Trans Harbour Link to the monumental Tilwara River Bridge, the magnificent Second Hooghly River Bridge, and the groundbreaking Delhi Metro Phase-2, he has consistently delivered projects of the highest caliber, where excellence reigns supreme. His visionary acumen and strategic planning have ensured flawless execution, seamless communication, and unwavering cooperation among all stakeholders.

His exceptional contributions include the construction of four remarkable flyovers in Mumbai within a record time of 8-11 months, as well as the successful completion of two majestic river bridges for the esteemed Konkan Railway. Additionally, he played a pivotal role in erecting three awe-inspiring 90m high RCC Prilling Towers for RCF in Alibaug, and he spearheaded the creation of India’s first 220m high R.C.C Multiple Chimney at the Singrauli Super Thermal Power Project for NTPC. He has achieved the creation of Penstock for the Parbali Hydro Electric Project which has been executed by TBM with a 30° slope, the only tunnel in the world, along with the adoption of new technologies, besides he executed the multistorey buildings in Mumbai, Delhi. Cement Plant for ACC, Gujarat Ambuja, DLF, Bhatinda Refinery, etc.

Mr. Sharma’s extraordinary knowledge, leadership, and unmatched networking skills made him the perfect candidate to lead one of the biggest Engineering Consultancy firms in India. As the COO of PADECO India, he was overseeing high-profile projects like the Mumbai Trans Harbour Link, Mumbai
Metro Line 3, Thane Vashi Creek Bridge, Dhubri Bridge in Assam, Mumbai Ahmedabad High-Speed Rail PMC, and many more.

His exceptional leadership qualities have been instrumental in accelerating the growth of an organization. He has a tremendous track record of orchestrating remarkable growth in the company’s turnover wherever he has worked viz Gammon India, HCC, DLF, Kezstroys (Petron), Padeco India etc. His ability to lead start-ups, turnarounds, and rapid-growth companies has solidified his reputation as a visionary leader. Through strategic planning, he has transformed underperforming organizations by implementing new business models and strategies, setting them on a trajectory of success.

Furthermore, his prowess in business development and sales leadership has resulted in securing substantial contracts with both private and public sector entities. His strategic mindset, combined with his remarkable negotiation skills, has enabled him to cultivate strategic alliances and form joint ventures with other organizations, ensuring the seamless execution of various projects.

Driven by a passion for growth, he has consistently delivered robust revenue growth by actively participating in the market and implementing effective cost control measures and resource management strategies to increase profitability.