Detailed Project Report (DPR) is an essential component as it takes the feasibility evaluation practice one step ahead; to bring the project to completion. It assimilates a more comprehensive technical and engineering assessment while providing long-drawn financial forecasts required for the gratification of lenders, investors, and regulators. Our DRP is like a roadmap, providing answers to rudimentary questions about the product or service, its futuristic position, how one aspires to reach its goal. Its focus is to set up a detailed plan of action for the company to follow.

At NCGL, the formulation of DPR is by highly proficient and adept consultants. Our team’s authentic and dependable expertise in project consultancy, combined with our market research and analysis, brings clarity by putting forward the emerging business opportunities in India. Every organization requires capital from financial institutions; our team helps in facilitating smooth disbursement of credit from funding organizations, which is a must-have for getting credit facilities from lenders.

The detailed project report covers all aspects of business, from analyzing the market and confirming the availability of various essential services, including the project details on the financial, economic, technical, social, and implementation.