NCGL offers multi-disciplinary detailed engineering design services for various industries like Metal, Power Sector, Infrastructure, Metro & Tunnels, Railways, Aviation, & Logistics. This phase of engineering demands all disciplines of each engineering sector to cooperate with each other to give their respective deliverables and advance the project to bring it to fruition.  We bring your ideas to existence, to be successful in terms of end-user contentment and utility. At NCGL we use state-of-the-art software and technology for civil design, structural design, process design, Mechanical design, piping design E&I design, Architectural Design, 3D plant modeling, drafting & detailing services. Our team of experienced engineers understands the value of precise design by studying the technical aspects of the design and identifies inadequacies for development. We offer an integrated design approach for successfully completing any project. We take on projects by developing the approved concept design and ensure the design is dimensionally coordinated and correct.